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If you need a Master plan for your future home, or you would like to change something in the apartament but don't know how, then just call us-we have a solution for every situation!


A good planning is the most important when it comes to the creating a new home for the client. Take a look at our projects and get inspired!

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Changing the room layout or disposition of furniture can affect the quality of the entire space. Here you can find some great advices and ideas!

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When you have your dream house built, but you would like to feel festive, then call us and we will make it happen with our interior decorations.

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Modern and bold colors in a small apartment

Interior design of the 43m2 apartment, Søborg, Denmark. From a small apartment without a shower and a dining room, to a modern interior where everything is nicely packed and enriched with interesting textures and materials, so it fits the mother with two children. Last month Mind design had a very interesting task in Søborg, Denmark. […]

Can I have a separate bedroom in 29 sq meters apartment?

  In the small apartments, a functionality is a big issue. This small, cozy, one-room apartment is located on the 3rd floor and it’s owner has no idea how to make it beautiful and useful, because she needs all functional zones to be separate (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom) and of course, she needs […]