Stylish room for a girl

Mind design had a very delicate task- to design a room for a 8 year old girl. Room had to be very girlish, but with not too many cartoon motives, and at the same time very gentle in tones and clean. Hm….Yes it was challenging, but the result is satisfying. This sweet little girl is […]

Focus point in the large room

In the interior design every step in creative process is important, and every decision that is made is connected to all the other details that will follow the design. We had a task to make one large room look catchy and cozy, and the problem was that room is divided on two spaces by the […]

Modern and bold colors in a small apartment

Interior design of the 43m2 apartment, Søborg, Denmark. From a small apartment without a shower and a dining room, to a modern interior where everything is nicely packed and enriched with interesting textures and materials, so it fits the mother with two children. Last month Mind design had a very interesting task in Søborg, Denmark. […]

Wall art as an interior highlight

When it comes to decoration and the highlight of an interior, then the solutions can be various, but the best thing to do for the owner of the interior is to decorate it with something he or she is sentimentally connected with. Then the room vibrates in the specific style and then it’s not just […]


This year on Trends & Traditions in Copenhagen we could meet all the famous Scandinavian design companies which, of course, showed us classic minimalistic design, with different ways of using wood, but also soft furniture for public spaces. It was a great pleasure to be part of this exhibition, even just as a visitor, because […]

Can I have a separate bedroom in 29 sq meters apartment?

  In the small apartments, a functionality is a big issue. This small, cozy, one-room apartment is located on the 3rd floor and it’s owner has no idea how to make it beautiful and useful, because she needs all functional zones to be separate (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom) and of course, she needs […]

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