Focus point in the large room

In the interior design every step in creative process is important, and every decision that is made is connected to all the other details that will follow the design.

We had a task to make one large room look catchy and cozy, and the problem was that room is divided on two spaces by the entrance door, that are placed in the middle of the wall. Entering the room we got the feeling that left and smaller space will be left like space without meaning. I was thinking, what can we do? How can we make this space to be useful and how can we avoid the feeling that left part of the room is going to be like a overbalance of this interior.

What I did, is that I change the perspective of how I observe this livingroom, and I step outside. Then I got an idea….I will transform the most problematic and boring wall into the focus point and make a specific wall covering where I will simulate another door or a window which will be interesting for itself and which will have a story.

So I chose architectural wallpaper that is representing one building in Paris, because Paris is something special for these owners, and since I wanted to make powerful monochrome picture that will look like a drawing of the window, or the outdoor extension of the living room, this wallpaper was perfect match.

Like this, we connected left and right parts of the room, we got focus point and we solved this problem in easy and elegant way. Solution doesn’t have to be expencive to be nice, and with carefully chosen furniture that is also in budget, every room can be fashionable and perfectly designed.

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Your designer,

Krisztina Janka

Mind Design Copenhagen

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