Stylish room for a girl

Every girl is a princess, and this is how we have to think when we design for them

Mind design had a very delicate task- to design a room for a 8 year old girl. Room had to be very girlish, but with not too many cartoon motives, and at the same time very gentle in tones and clean. Hm….Yes it was challenging, but the result is satisfying.

This sweet little girl is obsessed with horses, and she wanted to have one whole wall painted with pony pictures and pony motives. But this is what we decided not to do. Why? Because, when designing for a child, we always have to think about how kids are growing up very fast, they change their minds fast and what today was very important, tomorrow becomes irrelevant. So, what we did here is that we made kind off clear scene where the girl can put in some of her favorite things and motives which can easily be replaced after they are not interesting anymore. Also, room designed like this can become “teenager room” very easy with no budget at all.

The other task was to fit all the furniture and decoration into the budget. This design is a proof that good looking room doesn’t have to be expensive, and that it can also be done with some recycled furniture or details and still look stylish.

Wallpaper that waits to be framed with decorative moldings

We used furniture from Ikea, and details that this family already had. The only luxurious part of the room is a “Sunset” wallpaper, which still needs to be framed with decorative moldings. We are still missing wall lamps and a couple of small details, so stay tuned until we share the finished look with you. Until then, follow us and write to us if you have some questions or just need an advice for your own interior design. We are happy to help you at any time!

Your designer,

Krisztina Janka

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