Can I have a separate bedroom in 29 sq meters apartment?


In the small apartments, a functionality is a big issue. This small, cozy, one-room apartment is located on the 3rd floor and it’s owner has no idea how to make it beautiful and useful, because she needs all functional zones to be separate (kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom) and of course, she needs a room for all the clothes and books. Hmmmm….pretty difficult task.  But, I solved it. Maybe you have the same issue, so, take a look how I did it and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need advice!



New floor plan

Floor plan of the existing situation shows that there is a hallway 1, bathroom 2, and a kitchen 3 that is separated by sliding, glass door from the rest of the space. First of all, I analyzed the position of the windows, because the natural lighting is very important and shouldn’t be blocked, and I had to reorganize the kitchen so that the entrance to it is closer to the corridor. And, as the main task, it was necessary to form a separate bedroom. How and where?

Entrance zone has nice dimensions, and that allowed me to organize a big wardrobe 6 with space for jackets and shoes on the left side 7. The other door in the hall was removed and on that place, along with the ceiling, was created a space for the disposal of seasonal things/clothes. Kitchen 3 and a small dining room 5 are now really close, and that means that there is a good connection between those two similar zones. I put the small pendant above the table so this space is more accentuated and has its own privacy.

Instead of the glass door in the kitchen, I created a bar 11, which has a storage place on the lower shelves, but it is also a part of the bookshelves 12 on the living room side of the wall. So it has several functions: a bar, a bookshelf, and a separator between the kitchen and a living room 4!

Small apartment project




The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary elements, and when it comes to small apartments with an open-space concept, I suggest using the same material in covering the floor in all rooms, so I used the parquet in this kitchen as well as in the rest of the apartment. The same floor covering will nicely connect the functional zones, and the whole space will look harmonically.


The living room 4 is clean and there are just two armchairs 14 and a sofa 13, that can be transformed into the bed. In this small living room, there is also a place for the TV 15 and a coffee-tables, so the owner of this apartment can feel like nothing is missing, despite the small dimensions. Sleeping zone is hidden behind the wardrobe in minimalistic design 9, so it can’t be seen from the entrance 1, and behind the sliding gypsum panels 20, so it is separated from the living room as well. There is a photo-wallpaper on the panels, and that makes the whole space more cozy and unique. Panels can move across the invisible rails and give dynamic to space. They can be monochrome, colorful, made of glass, plexiglas or chipboard, or covered with 3D bamboo panels. It’s up to you and your choice. Beside the wardrobe 9, there is a high shelf that contains assembly computer desk, so the owner has also a working space! This shelf is on wheels so it can be rotated however owner wants. In the bedroom, there is a bed 16, that can be transformed into double bed 160×200 cm,  the storage space behind, 30 cm wide, for the sheets, and the storage place 17 above, on the wall, for the clothes. The fronts are monochromatic, in a minimalistic  design, the same color as the wall, so they are almost invisible and make space look lighter.

















When it’s sleeping time, the bed can be totally fenced with panels, but during the daytime, panels can be moved on the sides, so the owner can use this area also as a living room, and the bed as additional sitting space, if there is a lot of guests. Owner of this apartment asked for the solution that is not too expensive, so I have suggested also some furniture that can be found in popular stores as IKEA and JYSK, which are very affordable.


If you like my solution for this small apartment, feel free to contact me and I will make your house or apartment look like real home! Practical advice and a simple drawing can make the whole place look different and more functional! Send me a small sketch and just tell me what would you like to have in your home, and your dreams will come true.



your designer Krisztina Janka.

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