Room for a boy

Every boy is a story for itself, but they all have one thing in common: their room has to be comfortable, functional and with minimal decorations. I guess we accomplished all this in this little room. 

We decided to use black and white color scheme with mustard-yellow details. Of course the main point in designing this room was a place where this little gamer will be able to enjoy his gaming time. So, the desk and the gaming chair were a must have, and all the other details were just a plus to this design. To stay in the budget we decided to use Ikea furniture, so the white sofa-bed and black-yellow table was the perfect match.

Wallpaper with 3D hexagon motiv was used as a wall covering, so the rest of decoration was also hexagon shaped. Black shelves on the wall are great storage place and also very useful for small things as phone or headphones.

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