Wall art as an interior highlight

When it comes to decoration and the highlight of an interior, then the solutions can be various, but the best thing to do for the owner of the interior is to decorate it with something he or she is sentimentally connected with. Then the room vibrates in the specific style and then it’s not just a room, a space, it is the reflection of the soul, personalized space that will shine.

In this small project that I’ve done a while ago, I tried to make a modern but sweet decoration for a kids room, and the main motiv had to be the favorite animal for each kid. One boy and one girl shares a small room and it was a challenge to organize the space so every child has it’s own paradise. I tried to avoid traditional cartoon actors, or well known characters from Disney movies. My idea was to make a contemporary room with minimalistic design, but at the same time to make a very unique and lovely kids room.

I decided to paint the whole room bright white, and to decorate it with the polygon art on the wall. I’ve chosen to paint an elephant and a horse, both in pastel tones. For the boy I’ve used mint and grey tones, and for the girl light pink tones in combination with grey.

First I made a rough sketch of what I wanted to paint and then I’ve transferred it proportionally to the wall using pencil and a ruler. When I had a drawing on the wall I started to paint it really slowly because I had to make a sharp edges. It wasn’t easy at all, because those were the walls with a relief wallpaper, so I had to adjust the consistency of the paint to the specific surface, so the paint cover it nicely. It was a proces that lasted 30 hours of continuos work, but it was worth it! On the end, I got the effect I wanted and both kids were very satisfied.

Take a look, and if you like what you see, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will be happy to make a similar painting for you!

Your designer,

Kristina J.


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