Montana furniture

This year on Trends & Traditions in Copenhagen we could meet all the famous Scandinavian design companies which, of course, showed us classic minimalistic design, with different ways of using wood, but also soft furniture for public spaces.

It was a great pleasure to be part of this exhibition, even just as a visitor, because all the worlds best furniture brands were there in front of me, and all the beauty at one place. What a pleasure for an architect! Walking around, I noticed that Scandinavian designers didn’t give up on wood, what is their traditional material, but also they still believe in the minimalistic approach, that is carefully packed in modern interiors. Montana showed their well known modular storage furniture, but also very fine fabrics and a new Guest chair that can be assembled in seconds. With one single grip the legs unfold and the seat is set up. After using it, the chair can be disassembled and put back inside the Montana cabinet.

The biggest impression on me left the wooden furniture that was represent by Mater. Designed by Space Copenhagen but produced by Mater, with the finest final treatment, “Low stool” and “High stool” chairs were real enjoyment for me.  Mater strive to avoid and reduce any adverse impact on society, by following ethical and sustainable production criteria and creating products that will both stand the test of time and inspire the consumer to cherish and enjoy them. The great concept, high quality materials and production resulted in furniture that is really hard to resist.


Ones again it was shown that “open space” concept for office design is not the best solution, because so many companies are coming up with a different kinds of acoustic walls that can change spaces in the modern open plan workplace. Four design represent the super acoustic bricks made from acoustic foam and wool fabric, designed to divide space and reduce noise. Also, designers make a new “small offices” that are made as a table with chair and two or four low walls around, and all that in order to provide some privacy.

Four design

Soft line showed some interesting solutions for public furniture, with intelligent modular elements and endless possibilities of arranging and grouping.  Gentle lines and charming, pastel color palette made this furniture so easy to fit in every kind of interior.

Soft line


Nord Grona, Swedish company showed an interesting and unique solution for reducing noise with high-class sound absorber made from natural, hand-picked Scandinavian Reindeer Moss. It is available in different sizes and shapes, and can be made in 15 different colors. Moss doesn’t require any sunlight, watering or pruning. It dries when the relative humidity falls below 35%, and returns soft again above 35%. It can be implement in walls and ceilings, just as a part of them, or as the whole surface.

Nord Grona

Colorful presentation was shown by Fraster, a company that produces carpets. This time they showed carpets made from felt, that are designed like combination of several shapes and colors, ready to respond to all your issues. It is very interesting solution, and carpets can be used with holes in it, or they can be filled with felt in a different color. Modern and unique!

One more company came up with a non-Danish color palette, and that is Italian Cappellini. I really liked their composition, because it stood out with bright colors and a different using of materials. Interesting and inspiring approach, and of course very different to Scandinavian design.


Among a lot of firms that showed their new designs I can mention also Flos and unusual lighting design, Poltrona Frau with interesting chair design, and Fredericia with a new dining and lounge chairs. Take a look at the photos to feel the great atmosphere of Trends & Traditions in Copenhagen.






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